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Soap base
Soap Category: vegetable soap base, syndet base, combo base
Soap Type: opaque soap, translucent soap, transparent soap
Extruded Soap Base Process: saponification process and neutralization process

Ingredient Source: Certified Organic, Organic, Purely natural, naturally derived, semi-natural (Hybrid), natural identical, and Chemical
Ingredient Category: Scent, Moisturizer, emollient, function (e.g. botanical extract, chemical), additive, color, etc.

Type of Scent Agent: Synthetic fragrance, natural fragrance, essential oil, absolute, extract
Scent Category: Flower scent, fruity scent, woody scent, balsamic scent, mint scent, herbaceous scent, beauty scent (aldehyde scent), fine fragrance

Moisturizer Sample: Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Honey, glucose, panthenol, sodium PCA
Emollient Sample: Vegetable Oil (e.g. rice bran oil, sun flower seed oil, argan oil), butter (e.g. shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter)
Protein Sample: Soy protein, wheat protein, rice extract, sericin, collagen

Botanical Function: Acne, antiseptic, whitening, anti-aging,  moisturizing, muscular relieve, anti-cellulite/ firming, exfloiating
Acne Botanical Function: Mangosteen, turmeric, tea tree, cinnamon, willow, tomato
Antiseptic Botanical Function: Lemongrass, clove, litsea cubeba,
Whitening Botanical Function: Licorice, mulberry, tamarind, papaya
Anti-aging Botanical Function: Greentea, ginseng, indian mulberry, super fruit
Muscular Relieve Botanical Function: Plai, camphor, clove
Anti-cellulite/Firming Botanical Function: Coffee, grapefruit, black pepper,
Aromatherapy Botanical Function: Ylang ylang, jasmine, basil, bergamot, organe
Exfoliating Botanical Function: Luffa, apricot kernel, poppy seed

Extra Additive
Additive Samples: Vitamin E, gold, color, etc.